Glider Works - About

Gliderworks is an affordable online membership management system. It's easy to use, searchable and secure. Simplifying the administration of your association, club or not for profit organisation and giving you more time to focus on 'doing' rather than 'administering'. The searchable data base provides easily accessible membership data and transparent profiling, essential for analysis and a more strategic approach to management and governance.

As a cloud based management system, Gliderworks is about 1/10 of the cost of buying and maintaining the equivalent software. No more paying for printing hard copy directories.

Easy to use, Gliderworks promotes a technically savvy and polished face to your organisation meeting the expectations of your new and potential members.

Free from Advertising

Here at Gliderworks you won’t see random advertising. 

Really – we’re not going to do it and do you really want it?

Our philosophy is support you and enable your organisation to strengthen relationships across your community and discover new friends.

Your easy use of Gliderworks and the sharing ideas to grow and support members isn’t served by unhelpful and unrelated advertising.

We suspect that you are here because you want to get through your admin work with minimum fuss. We believe you’ll value that experience and be part of our community.

The Gliderworks Story

Gliderworks was born in District 24 of Zonta International, by me, Leanne Elliott.

In 2012, I accepted the appointment of Secretary to the District 24 Board and quickly discovered a system of spreadsheets and email and unmanageable files.

The genesis of Gliderworks lay in my frustration of emailing spreadsheets, incompatible computers, and exorbitant printing costs for membership lists and directories. These techniques were not easy to use, searchable, enduring. I spent hours collating information and would become out-of-date in a matter of weeks.

Zonta members have a passion to advance the status of women through service and advocacy projects. Instead, we were spending precious hours trying to compile phone lists and fill in forms for headquarters – effectively triple handing our data.

We dreamed of a computer based system but, until now, membership management systems were software based. Expensive to buy, it had to be loaded and hosted on one person's computer, configuration help was required, and ongoing maintenance and upgrades were left to us. It was too hard and too expensive for our clubs.

With cloud based IT, Gliderworks does all that for you – anyone can access the system with an internet connection, on any device, and get your admin work done quickly. We'll handle the technical side so you can get on with the service you signed up to do.

Gliderworks is based in Canberra, Australia and is the story of start-up entrepreneurship. Experiencing first-hand the administration problems holding back the District, I soon discovered other organisations were struggling too. Garnering input from many local community organisations, including District 24 Zonta friends, this new product was built with insider knowledge on how clubs like to work. Gliderworks purpose is about providing a new way to make your administration fast, easy and affordable.

Since 1995, I have used the internet moniker "Downunder Sugarglider" – because just like these little critters, I'm 'downunder' and I rather like sugar. It's only natural to let loose the Downunder Sugarglider into Gliderworks, so you can 'glide through your work'

"Just as I stepped into my courage, investing to bring you a benefit, I hope you, too, have courage to make an investment and realise the potential Gliderworks will bring for your organisation" Leanne